Toyota Presents Remarkable Vision in Honor of 60th Anniversary Committing to Achieving “Carbon Neutrality” Through First-Ever Exhibition of “Toyota bZ4X” and Battery-Electric Vehicle “Toyota e-Palette” In “The 43rd Bangkok International Motor Show”

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Toyota Presents Remarkable Vision in Honor of 60th Anniversary Committing to Achieving “Carbon Neutrality” Through First-Ever Exhibition of “Toyota bZ4X” and Battery-Electric Vehicle “Toyota e-Palette” In “The 43rd Bangkok International Motor Show”

  Mr. Noriaki Yamashita, President of Toyota Motor Thailand Company Limited, has presided over the opening of Toyota Booth in “The 43rd Bangkok International Motor Show” introducing the great vision on the occasion of Toyota’s 60th Anniversary of business operation in Thailand which focuses on the transformation into a “Mobility Enabler that responds to people happiness and social sustainability”. This event marks Thailand’s first-ever exhibition of Toyota bZ4X - the concept electric vehicle that reemphasizes Toyota’s commitment to the creation of “low-emission cars” in accordance with its stance to achieve Carbon Neutrality for the society, all of which will eventually contribute to the development of “Mobility for All”. In addition, visitors will experience the battery-electric vehicle for autonomous mobility as a service “Toyota e-Palette”, as well as various other spectacular Toyota vehicles. 

        This is the perfect time to enjoy the New Buying Experience and New Usage Experience, along with several exclusive offers for customers who make a purchase decision in the 43rd Bangkok International Motor Show organized at the Challenger Hall, Impact Arena Muang Thong Thani, during 23 March – 3 April 2022, and at nationwide Toyota dealer showrooms during the exhibition period.

        Toyota Motor Thailand Company Limited participates in the latest motor show event to exhibit the newest car series hosted under the concept “Drive to the future together with Toyota, Leader of xEV”. In this event, Toyota Booth is divided into two main zones, consisting of GR Zone and Modellista Zone. GR Zone showcases high-performance cars inspired by the DNA of the world-class motorsport car racing team “Toyota Gazoo Racing” under the theme “From Circuit to Road”, while Modellista Zone displays Premium Tokyo Iconic premium cars that are designed in Japan and are remarkably unique like no others. More notably, the exhibition visitors will enjoy the best offers exclusively provided for Toyota customers who place orders for any series in the event or at nationwide distributors, while also relishing the uplifted Toyota car ownership through “New Buying Experience” and “New Usage Experience” which offer even greater comfort. 

You are invited to experience vehicles of the future 

-Toyota bZ4X Concept EV

        The concept electric vehicle  "Toyota bZ4X" is a BEV mid-size SUV that is one of the newest vehicles of the future and is the very first model in Toyota's bZ series. Essentially, the Toyota bZ is a newly-developed electric vehicle brand. It is equipped with a 71.4 kWh durable lithium-ion battery, with a targeted range of up to around 500 kilometersin WLTP standard (Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure).

        Toyota bZ stands for “Toyota Beyond Zero”. It is the most innovative electric car series developed under the concept of an automobile that not only serves as an electric vehicle which minimizes the amount of pollution, but will also offer mobility of happiness that exceeds customer expectations for those who choose to own it. Toyota bZ is meticulously created for people who have a strong passion and desire for driving as the car seamlessly fulfils its key concept of an “Activity Hub” for both the drivers and passengers, as well as for the society and people in the community. 

        “bZ” or Beyond zero is developed with an aim to ultimately achieve the following value creation experiences:  

1. Value for You & Others: In addition to the comfortable cabin, Toyota bZ offers a new lifestyle and create opportunities for you to spend valuable time with your family and friends.

2.Value for You & Your Car: Toyota bZ provides sheer joy and experience of driving, along with excitement beyond expectation.

3. Value for You & the Environment: Toyota bZ not only reduces CO2 emissions and other pollutions, but also aims to make a positive difference to the environment.

 4. Value for You & Society: Toyota bZ is committed to creating a safe society where everyone will have peace of mind with this automotive model of the future. 

- Autonomous BEV “Toyota e-Palette” 

        The automated driving battery electric vehicle “Toyota e-palette” has been introduced for the first time in 2018 in Japan. Toyota e-Palette is the first vehicle developed to enable the practical use of  autonomous mobility as a service (Autono-MaaS) applications that will realize future mobility services. “Autono-MaaS” is a combination of "Autonomous" and "Mobility as a Service," describing Toyota's mobility services using automated driving vehicles, while also reflecting the ambition to transition Toyota to a Mobility Company that connects electrified technologies, connectivity networks, and advanced technologies in preparation for shared mobility businesses and other future businesses.  

Toyota e-Palette is developed under the following concept:  

- Toyota e-Palette is designed for comfortable mobility. The design emphasizes perfect symmetry at the front and the rear with striking shape of a cube and all four wheels at each base corner. The car has a spacious and comfortable interior.

- Passengers can get in and out of Toyota e-Palette comfortably and quickly with the large sliding doors, electric ramps, and vehicle controls that stop at designated points for passengers and people with disabilities who use wheelchairs. Moreover, the vehicle has a long wheelbase and flat ground. 

- Toyota e-Palette comes with autonomous driving at low speed with focus on safety. This vehicle is specially designed with automatic driving system, including operation control hardware and software, as well as advanced sensors in cameras and LiDAR. These innovations, when combined with high-precision 3D mapping and exceptional handling system, make it possible for Toyota e-Palette to offer low-speed autonomous driving at Level 4 of the standard level of SAE (Society of Automotive Engineering or Society of Automotive Engineers).

And choose to own Toyota cars that suit a variety of lifestyles 


        ALL NEW TOYOTA VELOZ is a premium 7-seater MPV crossover with state-of-the-art design and spacious cabin as seen in a C-segment car. The passenger seats can be adjusted in seven different ways to maximize comfort on every trip. Furthermore, the car provides greater utility as it comes with a TFT screen that has 4 different formats to choose from, 9-inch touchscreen, wireless charger, 4 USB ports and up to 15 cup holders. More notably, drivers can rest assured that they are provided with the class-leading safety standard offered by Toyota Safety Sense or TSS. Driving performance is superior with a new front-wheel drive platform and the Dual VVT-i 1.5-liter gasoline engine with 106 horsepower, as well as the new CVT automatic transmission, providing instant acceleration, smooth and quiet ride. The car offers excellent fuel consumption at 17.9 kilometers per liter. 

“ALL NEW TOYOTA VELOZ” is available in 2 models and 4 colors

- NEW! Purplish Silver Mica Metallic - Dark Red Mica Metallic

- Platinum White Pearl*  - Black Metallic   

*For Platinum White Pearl, an additional charge of 7,000 THB will be applied.

Own the car at affordable price

- Premium    Price 875,000 THB**

- Smart Price 795,000 THB**

** The price is inclusive of standard equipment and special accessories. 

Choose to own ALL NEW TOYOTA VELOZ now! 

- Enjoy the exclusive offer of 15% down payment for 60 months with a special interest rate of 1.99%, an extended warranty of 5 years or 150,000 kilometers, as well as free labor cost for up to 100,000 kilometers of scheduled car maintenance. 

All these worth over 51,800 THB.

Remarks: Conditions are as specified by the company.


- Free first-class insurance, 25% down payment plus 1.75% special interest for 48 months with extended warranty for 5 years or 150,000 kilometers, as well as free labor cost for up to 100,000 kilometers.

All these worth over 57,000 THB

Remarks: Conditions are as specified by the company.

-C-HR HEV GR Sport

        New C-HR HEV GR Sport is the latest line-up in the GR Series. It is a popular sub-compact SUV that adds to the astounding GR Series with a 1.8-liter hybrid engine, GR Sport-style exterior color, sporty exterior design language offered by GR Sport package consisting of aero part kits, front bumper decoration kits, newly design 18-inch alloy wheels, LED fog lamps, GR emblem on the front bumper and GR Sport emblem at the rear. The interior is decorated with Black Total Look and Gun Metallic color. The seats are nicely crafted with special design, grey stitching, and GR symbol, while the steering wheel comes with perforated leather and GR symbol on it. The car is equipped with Push Start system with GR symbol as well.  

        The New C-HR HEV GR Sport has been developed with fine-tuned sporty-style suspension, upgraded coil spring and shock absorber to ensure perfect driving performance, enhanced sporty driving experience and fun driving sensation with the robust TNGA, low center of gravity, and Rear Double Wishbone Suspension. In essence, the New “C-HR HEV GR Sport” will offer fun-to-drive experience that is irresistibly exciting, while also providing the highest confidence with Toyota Safety Sense system.

Choose to own the New C-HR GR Sport available in 3 colors 

- Attitude Black Mica  / Silver roof  

- Platinum White Pearl *  / Black roof  

- Premium Red  / Black roof  

* For Platinum White Pearl, an additional charge of 7,000 THB will be applied.

Own the car at reasonable price 

 NEW HEV GR Sport   Price 1,189,000 THB***

 HEV Premium Safety**   Price 1,139,000 THB***

Special promotions are available upon purchase 

  Enjoy the exclusive interest rate of 0.99%, and Toyota Care first-class insurance

as well as a 10-year warranty for hybrid battery and 5-year warranty for hybrid system. Furthermore, a special offer includes the extended new car warranty package.

All these worth over 97,500 THB.

**HEV Premium Safety variant is available in 5 colors:  

Remarks: Conditions are as specified by the company.

 The Silver roof:  Attitude Black Mica / Silver roof and Nebula Blue / Silver roof  

   The Black roof: Platinum White Pearl * / Black roof and Premium Red / Black roof and Metal Stream Metallic / Black roof 

* For Platinum White Pearl, an additional charge of 7,000 THB will be applied.

** The price is inclusive of standard equipment and special accessories. 

- New TOYOTA SIENTA “Chic Clicks”

        New TOYOTA SIENTA “Chic Clicks” has been refreshed to encapsulate the idea of a Chic car that offers sheer comfort simply by just a Click. The exterior design is totally unique and strikingly eye-catching. 

        Experience new features in interior with leather seats and semi-synthetic materials (black and grey color)* that come in a sporty design. The interior features are enhanced to fulfil a variety of lifestyle needs better than ever with improved amenities, such as a touchscreen radio player that supports the use of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, 360-degree HD surround view camera* that provides sharp images and offers excellent visibility and confidence, along with front and rear cameras* that can be accessed through the new Toyota DVR Mobile Application. (* For 1.5 V variant)

Choose to own the New TOYOTA SIENTA available in 4 colors 

- Citrus Mica Metallic - Silver Metallic 

- Super White II                        - Attitude Black Mica 

and 2 grades at a reasonable price

- 1.5 V ATPrice889,000 THB**

- 1.5 G AT Price 775,000 THB**

** The price is inclusive of standard equipment and special accessories.



        HILUX REVO GR SPORT 4WD is the top Premium Adventure model 4WD hi-floor pickup truck inspired by the international racing cars competed in the World Rally Championship (WRC). It is suitable for customers looking for a sporty truck that is resilient and sleek as seen from the exterior design, including the front grille, sports bar, and alloy wheels. Moreover, the Monotube Shock Absorber helps enhance the performance and provides a higher level of fun-to-drive experience on all types of terrains. 

        HILUX REVO… The Unbeatable offers the greatest strength with the GD Super Power Engine that gives the maximum horsepower of 204 and maximum torque of 500 Nm in the 2WD model. The vehicle provides strong, aggressive and thrilling performance, while still maintains the highest level of fuel economy, as well as giving smooth ride and excellent grip with SuperFlex Suspension, making drivers experience the smoothness of driving like when they are driving an SUV.  The HILUX REVO also comes with Variable Flow Control steering system to adjust the weight of the steering wheel in order to ensure that the weight is appropriate in all speed ranges and that the drivers experience comfortable driving and have less fatigue during long-range trips. Additionally, the car is equipped with a complete list of entertainment features, for example a touchscreen that is compatible with Apple CarPlay.

        Toyota Hilux is widely accepted in its superior ride comfort, performance, and inherited QDR, validated by the prestigious award as the winner of the 6th International Pick-up Award 2022 & 2023 (or IPUA).

Choose to own the car at reasonable price 

HILUX REVO 4WD GR Sport Hi-Floor 

- 1 model Price 1,299,000 THB


- 4 models   Price 966,000 – 1,256,000 THB


- 1 model Price 889,000 THB


- 5 models   Price 879,000 – 1,176,000 THB

HILUX REVO 2WD Hi-Floor Pre-Runner

- 10 models  Price 724,000 – 1,026,000 THB


- 8 models    Price 619,000 – 805,000 THB

HILUX REVO Standard Single Cab 

- 7 models  Price 544,000 – 704,000 THB

(*Additional 10,000 THB for Emotional Red and White Pearl CS colors/ **7,000 THB discount for Super White)



        FORTUNER GR SPORT is the special model that stands out with its class-leading performance and sporty design on the exterior and in the interior inspired by the racing car development of TOYOTA GAZOO RACING. The model is known for the high-performance engine and exceptional suspension, making it possible to tolerate every terrain and suitable for urban and offroad driving. The sports-like suspension’s performance comes with a Monotube Shock Absorber providing better driving control, ensuring smoother ride, and at the same time reducing fatique for both drivers and passengers.  

        The New FORTUNER COMMANDER is outstanding with the front and rear bumper aero parts, side steps, trim, gloss black rear door with FORTUNER emblem, two-tone black roof, and 20-inch alloy wheels, all of which make it catch all eyes. The interior reflects great attention to every detail with black leather seat upholstery and decorative materials with red stitching that give a sporty and exciting sense. The new front and rear suspension is fine-tuned to absorb vibration in all road conditions as well as providing full confidence in driving with a 360-degree camera, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, and Blind Spot Monitoring System on the side mirrors. 



- 2.8 GR Sport AT 4WD  1,879,000 THB

FORTUNER Legender comes with 4 models

- Price starts at 1,566,000 - 1,839,000 THB  

FORTUNER Base Model comes with 3 models 

- Price starts at  1,351,000 - 1,536,000 THB  

FORTUNER COMMANDER has only 1,000 units available 

Two-tone colors (Emotional Red Black Top and White Pearl CS Black Top)

- 2.4 Commander AT   1,505,000 THB

Customers who buy any models of TOYOTA FORTUNER, including TOYOTA FORTUNER COMMANDER, today will enjoy the exclusive offer of an extended warranty of 5 years or 150,000 kilometers, as well as free labor cost for up to 100,000 kilometers of scheduled car maintenance. 

Enjoy the exclusive experience of Toyota car ownership

    Toyota has developed The New Era of Experience to suit everyone’s lifestyle through the Digital Platform, built from the collaboration with Toyota’s partners, providing the technologies and services for “New Buying Experience” and the “New Usage Experience” that will connect to the future of transportation for every kind of lifestyle. 

- New Buying Experience:  Modern technology is now changing the car buying experience. Consequently, Toyota comes up with a new kind of service for the customers. 

- Connect Locator : Inventory status and Real-time car delivery monitoring service for customers to check the information and car delivery status accurately.

- Connected Auto Loan (CAL):  A new kind of car loan so that it is easier for customers to own a car.

- Sabuy :D service: All new experience of hire-purchasing with the 20% lower installment fee, including the maintenance and service fee at the Toyota service center.

- KINTO: New online service for long-term rental as a new option for customers, convenient because no down payment is required.

- The Convini-Insure first class insurance package with up to 3 years of coverage that can be paid together with the monthly installment.

- Guarantee Future Value for Hybrid models; no need to worry about the reselling price.

- New Usage Experience: Marking another big step for Toyota cars, New Usage Experience ensures that you will enjoy a superior level of experience with the cutting-edge technology of T-Connect mobile application by Toyota that serves as the technology for the future. With New Usage Experience, you can have total peace of mind with a wide variety of exclusive services consisting of 24-hour “SOS Emergency Assistance Service”, “TheftTrack System”, “Find My Car Service”, “Concierge Service”, and many more. To make sure that everyone can be impressed by Toyota’s New Usage Experience, all Toyota car owners can subscribe to use the T-Connect application now and get free souvenirs only by downloading the application and participating in the T-Connect booth inside Toyota Booth. 

Remarks: For cars that are not equipped with connected features, only some services are available, for example SOS, Concierge Service, Car Service Appointment, etc. More information is available at T-Connect booth or through T-Connect Support Center – Tel. 02-386-2000 press 3.

KINTO – the new definition of freedom upon driving Toyota 

        KINTO is the brand-new Toyota driving experience from Toyota Leasing, offering online long-term leasing service for individual customers. You can own a new car from various selections via KINTO ONE service “Smart and worry-free choice, no down payment needed. A new alternative of car usage”. It comes with 3 complete services below:

1. Full Service for the best comfort whenever you drive - covers all the costs for high standard quality services from Toyota 

- Maintenance and replacement services. Every consumable items are complimentary.

- First class insurance from Toyota Care 

- 24-hour special emergency assistance service

- Replacement car service during repairment

- Annual car tax handling service

- One Price for the best car value - customers can maximize the car usage while paying for a single price point throughout the agreement.

- No down payment required.

- No credit bureau checking required.

- Stress-free about the reselling price. 

- New option! Upon the agreement’s end, the customer can choose to own a vehicle with a similar installment rate as the current rate (continues to pay 2-3 years of installment upon buying, depends on the model), or you can choose a new car with the KINTO ONE program.

2. Online Service for the new kind of freedom from our services with the online car rental service that bring you convenience and speed from start to finish. You can apply through the website and access via KINTO mobile application. Then, you can check on the approval result within one hour of the same day in the working hours and working days.

Plus, you can experience the new KINTO FLEX service offering 3-year contract with a selection of 3 models for customers to change as they wish annually. Two packages are available, namely Excite Package and Extreme Package. Excite Package is available for Corolla Cross, C-HR, and Altis, while Extreme Package is available for Camry, Fortuner, and Innova. Rates start from 27,200 THB/month for Excite Package, and 43,790 THB/month for Extreme Package.

Special campaign for KINTO ONE or KINTO FLEX subscribers during the event period!  Pay only 10,000 THB for collision damage waiver fees and also get gasoline cash card worth up to 10,000 THB (depending on car model and KINTO package)   

        Mr. Noriaki Yamashita, President of Toyota Motor Thailand Company Limited, concluded, “This year marks Toyota Motor Thailand’s 60th Anniversary of business operation in Thailand and is the key turning point as we are transforming ourselves into a ‘Mobility Enabler that responds to people happiness and social sustainability’ while also committing to our ambition to achieve Toyota Global’s mission of Carbon Neutrality. On this occasion, we have designed the 60th Anniversary Celebration Logo that comes with the tagline ‘Move Your World’ to express ‘Dynamic and Move’ as well.”  

“Toyota Move Your World”

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